Consider Storing Water

There are some locations that PDWA requires members to have a storage tank.
  • If your home is up a hill from our main line you will need to have a storage tank and a booster pump to keep the tank full.
  • We do not design these systems. There are pump, plumber, and water companies in the area that can design, install and service tanks and pumps for you.

Having a storage tank that is fed by your Perrydale water meter and then flows into your house can be helpful in many ways.
  • The storage tank helps any sediment from the wells settle out of your water.
  • You can regulate your pressure with a booster pump or gravity depending on how it is set up.
  • You will have XXX gallons on hand should you need it for an emergency.
  • The Red Cross recommends having three days of stored water on hand for every person and pet.  Consider your farm animals too.
water tanks