ODOT Project

This project is being driven by ODOT.  The culvert at Bethel Road and Highway 99 will be rebuilt and that requires PDWA to move the pipeline out of the way of ODOT's construction work area.  The overall project also includes the culvert at Ash Swale south of the Bethel Road intersection. It appears that the PDWA pipeline is outside of the ODOT work area.

We will be posting updates here and on our Facebook page. If there are expected system wide issues from this project, we will mail fliers to members.

   Progress Update

The connections were completed on March 27th and normal water flow was resumed about 5:30pm.  We expect the reversal of water flow to stir up some of the mineral deposits in the pipelines.  Iron makes up most of the mineral deposits. Iron is what leaves toilets with a brown-red ring.  You can use Iron Out to remove the rings. The powdered product works better than the liquid. It takes some scrubbing to remove all of it.  We do not expect to have any additional pipe construction activity related to this project.

Final paving and cleanup will happen over the next few weeks.

Progress Update
March 26th and 27th we expect to complete the tie in. This means the normal water flow will be reversed for two days. We expect this to stir up iron in the water.  It may take a week or more to settle out.  We will flush, flushing does not resolve all of the plumes.

We have cleaned both main and south tanks last week. This will help reduce the amount of iron in the water.

3-25-19 update

 Progress Update

The project has slowed due to various issues. We hope to complete the project by April 5th.  There will be one last time water is rerouted with the expected result being more iron plumes. The rerouting of water will be at the very end of the project. We will flush afterwards. 

3-14-19 update

Progress Update

Last night the 18th, did not go as we had hoped. This means the contractor needs to refigure the crossing of Highway 99. We hope to have a plan by the end of the week.

2-19-19 update

Progress Update

Tonight, February 18, 2019 the trenching work will begin about 6pm and last through the night until it is finished or 6am.  Our hope is to have the work completed in the early hours of the morning.  What time it is finished will be based on how difficult the trenching process is.  It is possible that the contractor will be working Tuesday night too.

Pressure testing and other tests will happen over the next 10 days or so.  Initial paving may seem rough as it is temporary.  Finish paving will happen later as weather permits. Connecting the new pipe to the system is expected soon after all tests are completed and okay. This will stir up more mineral plumes, we will be flushing.   

2-18-19 update

Progress Update
The project is progressing. As of today February 7th the remaining part of the project to be completed is the Highway 99 crossing. This is scheduled for the 18th and 19th of February. Work starting at 6pm and then stopping by 6am.  It is possible that snow or ice will delay the work.  

We know that the work we have completed has stirred up iron. We do flush after each piece of work is completed. What happens is a day or several days later, more of the iron moves and creates plumes.  Once all of the work is complete, we will do a full flushing.  Why we don’t flush now is that each time we replace valves or pipes we flush out a large amount of water and then we flush after reconnecting each new section.  This has brought the main reservoir down to a low level and the wells have had to pump for a long time to refill the reservoir.  This stresses the wells that need to be recovering from the previous dry year.  

We do not anticipate having to issue warnings due to low water pressure in the system.

Please keep checking back for information on the project.

2-7-19 update  

What has happened so far:
The 4” replacement pipe going north along Highway 99 has been set in the new trench and has been tested, it passed.  The valve cluster for the 4” and 8” pipe connection has been replaced. It was the replacement of the valve cluster that made the alert necessary. The all clear was announced 5pm January 25th.

TODAY January 31st the new 4” pipe is being connected. ONLY the people with services on the short section of 4" will be out of water most of the day. We have called all of these people yesterday to notify them of the schedule.  

What is coming:
8” pipe installation will happen in the next two to five weeks. The work across Highway 99 will be done at night to minimize the impact on traffic.  The cut over date has not been set, we need to have the new pipe installed before final planning is completed. Watch for updates on this page. Another system wide alert is not expected.

Work at Highway 99 and Zena/Bethel Road intersection on February 11th and 12th will require lane restriction and short closures. Most of the work will be done after 8pm and continue through the night. If possible use alternate routes both of these nights.
1-31-19 update

Water Off Flier