Why Is My Water Stinky?

Why does my water stink?
Where can I find a Zinc anode rod?
There are a number of reasons that water has an odor that is not nice to down right stinky. The root cause is the minerals that come from our wells.
  • Water heater anode rods (#1 reason)
  • Minerals in the water
  • Household pipes
Call your plumber or hardware store to make sure they have them in stock. The big box stores tend to not offer zinc anode rods.

The easy thing to do is have your plumber install the zinc anode rod. Sometimes it takes a bit of work to get the old rod out and the new rod in.
anode rod
stink bug
What is an anode rod?
Water heaters tend to be delivered with an anode rod that is made of an alloy that reacts to well water and that reaction creates 'stink'.  You can replace the anode rod with a Zinc anode rod and the stink is reduced or many times eliminated. Call your plumber today for their recommendation.

Yes new water heaters need to have a Zinc anode rod installed.  
My water has a swampy or sulfur smell.
The sulfur and/or swampy smell can come from the anode rod.  Both tend to be worse during the summer when there is more demand for water and less rain. So more water is being pulled through the ground to our wells and rain is not falling to add more water. This concentrates minerals that create the 'stink'.