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Water Conservation
Consumer Confidence Report
  1. We have collected various water conservation tips, links and ideas that may help you use your water more effectively.
  2. This report is an annual report based on annual water samples delivered to an independent laboratory that reports the results directly to the Health Authority. We post this report here annually for your to review at anytime.
  3. Have you replaced your water heater recently? Learn about the various sources and solutions to stinky water.
  4. Storing water has a number of benefits, learn more at page.
  5. Call 503-835-7221 and let us know. If after hours call and listen to the instructions on who to call.
  6. Learn about the basic cost to have a new meter installed. We take care of the meter and everything on our side of the meter back to the wells.
Drinking Water
What to do if you have stinky water
Consider Storing Water
water leak
New Meters - Service Questions
If you see a LEAK!!!